9 Best Solar Generators for Camping, Home, and RV

I have invested 10 hours to prepare this detailed review on best solar generator for camping, home and RV.

The reason for this thorough research is that I wanted to provide the list of only the best solar powered generators and through which I want to make my indirect contribution to saving the environment 🙂

So, let’s check out my hand picked solar generators one by one…

Technology is advancing everyday and people are being driven towards eco-friendly options.

As we already know that the earth is suffering from a climate emergency, that is the reason people are shifting to renewable energy such as solar.

Much reliable and cleaner than other power sources, solar energy is a great option.

That is the reason, today we are going to talk about best solar generators.

Traditionally generators were powered by diesel or another fuel which in turn created a lot of pollution.

Green energy on the other hand is better for the environment and will give you power supply too.

If you opt for a solar generator it basically converts sun’s energy with the help of solar panels and give you electrical power.

Not only these generators are good but we will also present you best portable solar generator.

So, this means you can ditch the heavy and noisy generator and switch to a portable one.

Be it for camping, emergency use, or for RV, the list of our best portable solar generator will not let you down.

List of Top 11 Best Solar Generators Available on Amazon

PAXCESS Portable Solar Generator4.5

PAXCESS Portable Solar GeneratorGood Choice

  • 200W, Lithium Battery, 110 Volt, Battery Powered
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<strong>Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator</strong>4.4

Aeiusny Portable Solar GeneratorGood Choice

  • CPAP Backup Battery, 110V, 500 Watts, Battery Powered Solar Powered
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ECO-WORTHY 84Wh Portable Power Station4.3

ECO-WORTHY 84Wh Portable Power StationGood Choice

  • 5 Volts, 84 Watts, Flashlights, Camp Lamps with Battery, USB DC Outlets, 18W Solar Panel
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Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen160s Generator4.5

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen160s GeneratorGood Choice

  • 155 watts, 9 Power Outlets, Electronic Ignition, 155Wh Lithium-ion Battery, Battery Powered
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BUTURE 266Wh Solar Outdoor Generator4.5

BUTURE 266Wh Solar Outdoor GeneratorGood Choice

  • 300 watts, 110 Volts, CPAP Battery Power Supply, ‎Battery Powered, Solar powered
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PAXCESS Portable Camping Solar Generator4.3

PAXCESS Portable Camping Solar GeneratorGood Choice

  • 330 watts, 110 Volts, Wireless Charger, SOS Light, CPAP Battery Power Supply
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BALDR Portable Power Station4.4

BALDR Portable Power StationGood Choice

  • 330 watts, 110 Volts, Electronic Ignition, 3 USB-A Ports, 1 USB-C Port, 1 Cigarette Port, 1 Wireless Charger
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Soyond Solar Generator4.0

Soyond Solar GeneratorGood Choice

  • 3 watts, Solar Powered, 6W Solar Panel, 2 Standard USB Ports, 1 USB-C Port
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OKPRO Portable Power Station4.5

OKPRO Portable Power StationGood Choice

  • 330 watts, 110 Volts, Battery Powered, Solar Powered, Compact in Size
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PAXCESS Portable Solar Generator

  • 200 Watts
  • Lithium Battery
  • 110 Volt
  • Battery Powered

This is a useful power generator that can help you in a number of ways.

If you are looking for best solar generator for RV or your next outdoor trip then PAXCESS is the answer.

This machine can generate up to 230 W per hour, and can maintain a consistent charge of 200 W.

You can keep all your electronic devices charged with this power house, be it a laptop, smart phone, tablet, drone etc.

On the other hand, this generator is quite portable and weighs only 7.82 pounds.

The dimensions of the machine are 9 x 5.9 x 5.5 inches so you can easily fit it at the back seat of your car.

Another good feature of this generator is that it comes with an LCD screen.

This will help you track power, battery and prevent you from running out of backup power.

When we talk about connectivity, the generator has quick charge USB 3.0 port and 18W Type C PD port.

Overall, this power house is capable enough to provide you with enough power for all your regular electrical devices.

So next time when you are planning for your outdoor camping trip, this portable machine will not let you down.

Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator

  • CPAP Backup Battery
  • 110V
  • 500 Watts
  • Battery Powered Solar Powered

A good option when you are looking for best solar generator for home and domestic use.

The generator comes with a big 288WH battery and you can charge it with the help of AC power right at your home or in your car.

The dimensions of the generator are 12.70*5.91*8.66 inches and it weighs around 7.05Lb, making it a good choice for camping trips too.

When you are charging the generator with the help of solar panels expect it to be fully charged within 8-10 hours in the sun.

The front side of the generator has DC ports, USB ports, battery capacity display, and some other switches.

A bright LED flashlight is also included with the solar generator making it really useful during power cuts.

Overall, this machine is a good choice and will ensure power backup to all your electrical devices.

ECO-WORTHY 84Wh Portable Power Station

  • 5 Volts
  • 84 Watts
  • Flashlights
  • Camp Lamps with Battery
  • USB DC Outlets
  • 18W Solar Panel

A portable solar powered generator which is perfect for your next camping trip.

The generator has 26000mAh/84Wh large capacity battery and comes with 18W Solar Panel with 10ft(3m) extension cable.

This generator is really lightweight with just 2.1lbs and the dimensions are 6.3 x 4.2 x 6.9 inches.

If you live in a country with frequent natural disasters like hurricanes, tsunami, tornadoes then having a power back up is a must.

This generator will provide you with a good power backup especially for your day to day electrical appliances.

The machine also has a display charging status which will allow you to track power and when you are running low.

You will also get USB output(5V/2A)/DC output (3.2V) ports with the generator.

Overall, this portable solar generator is a good and eco-friendly choice.

Plus, it can really come into use in the time of emergencies, sudden power cut and natural disasters.

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen160s Generator

  • 155 watts
  • 9 Power Outlets
  • Electronic Ignition
  • 155Wh Lithium-ion Battery
  • Battery Powered

Good enough to deliver all your power back up necessities, Westinghouse iGen160s is a good option.

The generator comes with 100 rated watts and 150 peak watts which can power all your electrical appliances.

You will get two 120V outlets, four USB ports including a USB-C and QualComm Quick Charge 3.0 USB outlet with this generator.

When we talk about portability, the dimensions of the generator are 8.14″ L x 3.77” W x 7″ and it weighs around 3.5 lb.

You can charge this generator with the help of solar power, car charger or wall charger accessories.

Overall, this machine is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use as it produces very less sound.

BUTURE 266Wh Solar Outdoor Generator

  • 300 watts
  • 110 Volts
  • CPAP Battery Power Supply
  • ‎Battery Powered, Solar powered

Carry this power house with you anywhere you go, the BUTURE 300W portable power station is a good choice.

The generator has two 110V AC outlets and big 300W, perfect for your small or big appliances.

The battery capacity of this generator is 266.4Wh/ 72000mAh, and will be able to charge your electrical devices like laptops, smart phone, tablets, speakers, etc.

While plugged into a wall outlet, the generator will charge within 6-7 hours.

On the other hand, it will fully charge with solar power with in 5-8 hours and it will take 4.5 hours if you charge via USB.

When we talk about portability, the dimensions of this generator are 9.4*8.6*3.7inch and it weighs around 6.35 lbs.

The generator also comes with 2* AC outlet, 1*12V/10A DC outport, 2* 5V/2.4A USB-A ports, 1* Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A port and 1*60W PD USB-C in and out.

Other features include, 3 emergency lighting modes along with an SOS light.

PAXCESS Portable Camping Solar Generator

  • 330 watts
  • 110 Volts
  • Wireless Charger
  • SOS Light
  • CPAP Battery Power Supply

A very high quality and reliable solar generator, PAXCESS is the perfect choice for all the extra power you need.

The machine comes with 78000mAh/288.6Wh power capacity and wireless charging function.

Yes, this portable solar generator has 5W wireless charger which means you can use this machine as a wireless charger.

When we talk about portability, the dimension of the generator are 8.07 x 6.1 x 6.3 inches and it weighs around 7.1 Pounds.

You can charge this generator with the help of wall charger, car charging or solar power.

Overall, this is a good piece of machine which can really come handy while camping trips, emergency use or regular home use.

BALDR Portable Power Station

  • 330 watts
  • 110 Volts
  • Electronic Ignition
  • 3 USB-A Ports
  • 1 USB-C Port
  • 1 Cigarette Port
  • 1 Wireless Charger

This power station is a good choice when we consider best solar generator for RV.

You will get a 297WH power to charge all your electrical appliances ranging from laptops to smart phones, speakers, camping lights or even drones.

BALDR can work efficiently while you are on an outdoor camping trip or under some immediate emergency.

You can either use the solar panels, car charger or AC wall outlet to charge this generator.

When we talk about portability, the dimensions of this generator are 11.6 x 8.27 x 7.68 inches and it weighs around 7.1 pounds.

Other than that, the generator also comes with emergency and LED SOS mode.

Soyond Solar Generator

  • 3 watts
  • Solar Powered
  • 6W Solar Panel
  • 2 Standard USB Ports
  • 1 USB-C Port

This generator can become a source of entertainment plus power.

Soyond portable solar generator comes with rechargeable 4400mAH battery.

You can connect this generator via Bluetooth and play songs as it has an in-built speaker too.

When we talk about its portability, the dimensions of this generator are 6.9*6.5*3.0 inch and it weighs around 3.3Lb.

Very compact and easy to handle, this power station is good for camping trips and to provide power to your everyday electrical appliances.

You can charge this machine with the help of solar panels and AC charge.

Overall, this generator is a good and stylish option for your next camping trip to the woods.

OKPRO Portable Power Station

  • 330 watts
  • 110 Volts
  • Battery Powered, Solar Powered
  • Compact in Size

A power pact machine with 62500mA 231Wh Outdoor Mobile Power Bank and 110V/200W AC Outlet.

This generator is quite stylish and comes with touch screen button and lights.

There are 3 ways to charge this generator, DC adapter input charge, Car cigarette DC 12V power and solar power panel.

This generator is perfect for outdoor event, camping, home or emergency use.

When we talk about portability, the dimensions of this generator are 6.8*5.5*5.5in and it weighs around 2.5kg.

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Solar Generator


The main part of a solar powered generator’s real convenience is its battery storage limit.

Battery storage permits you to use the generator in the evening time, when sunlight isn’t available and when your energy needs surpass the input of power.

The two most significant perspectives to search for in batteries are the size and quality.

There are various kinds of batteries for solar powered generator.

It’s critical to understand what you’re searching for between kinds of batteries and how to spot quality when you searching for the best solar generator for home.

So, buying a generator with less than 2000 watt would be useless for home use.

Solar Input

Sunlight based PV input or solar panels is the thing that controls a solar generator.

Having adequate solar PV input allows more sun powered generator utilization during the day and low energizing occasions after night use.

You’ll need at least 200 watts of solar with your framework.

Avoid rooftop mounted panels for this type of generator as it makes portability impossible.

Charging Modes

A good solar generator must have plenty of alternatives to get charged other than utilizing solar panels.

Charging time of the generator using solar power will vary due to weather conditions and sun exposure.

There might be days when it probably won’t be sufficiently enough to charge the generator at all.

Accordingly, the portable generator must have the option to get charged straight forwardly from an AC source through electrical plugs.

Plus, it must have the option of charging with 12V vehicle battery, this will be really helpful for RV and outdoors trips.

Appliances that you can Charge

Before choosing the perfect generator for your next camping trip, make sure the appliances it is capable of charging.

This is important as when you are going on a camping trip, the main purpose of carrying a generator is to charge different electrical appliances.

These appliances must include laptop, smart phone, speakers, heaters and much more.

How to Prepare and Maintain Your Solar Generator?

Every piece of equipment that you own must have a proper maintenance, this expands the life span of the product.

When it comes to portable solar generators, it is important to take care of the unit.

Here we will discuss about a few tips that will help you to prepare and maintain your portable solar generator.

Try not to Expose the Solar Generator to Dust

Solar generators and dust don’t go well at all, plus it affects the lifespan of the machine.

Dust particles also starts accumulating at the solar panels of the generator making it less effective.

It also makes the process of charging slow, which slowly ruins the generator.

To avoid all this, try and store the generator in a safe place, also try to clean it every time before and after its use.

Avoid Water (Even If Your Model Is Waterproof)

Some versatile solar generators have a waterproof case which makes it resistant to water.

Though these generators are waterproof, keeping it away from water is a better option.

Plus, if your generator is not waterproof then exposing it to rain or other wet conditions can damage it.

Typically, the main point for waterproof solar generators is resistance of light rain showers.

So, be it water resistance or not, keeping the generator away from water will increase its life span.

Don’t Let the Generator Fall

There are high chances that you are going to carry the portable generator for camping and other outdoor trips.

Just make sure that while carrying it from one place to another you don’t accidently drop it.

Generators is just like any other machine and dropping it can damage the internal parts.

Especially when you are depending on it for power, it can be bad news when you are on an outdoor trip and all your equipment’s are left powerless.

Store at Half Charge

The compulsion to store the battery of your capacity generator at full charge is incredible when you’re not utilizing it.

This is done generally to handle the storage spill’ problem that happens constantly when batteries are away, regardless of their sort or make.

Nonetheless, to guarantee the life span of the batteries and to make them serve you marvellously, it is an intelligent choice to store the batteries in that just with a 30-50 percent charge.

Also make sure to store the generator in a cool, safe and dry environment.

All these points will ensure your generator remain in the best conditions when you are ready to use it after a big halt.

Benefits of Having Solar Generator

Keeping some extra source of power back-up at your home can never go wrong.

Be it sudden camping trip or any other emergency use, a solar generator has a number of advantages.

As renewable energy is the future and people are very much encouraged to shift to better eco-friendly option, a solar generator can be the right choice for you too.

Let us now discuss about the benefits of having solar generator.


Most importantly, a convenient solar generator is cost-effective.

Regardless of whether you don’t live in a region where regular power cuts happen, it can even now help decrease your home’s overall power utilization.

On the other hand, if you go for other options then it requires you to purchase extra parts to make them work.

Solar generators once bought requires only sunlight and you can charge it absolutely free.

Although there are other options to charge the machine to (i.e AC outlet or car charger) but you can always skip that if you regularly use solar panels only.

Convenience and Flexibility

Solar generators additionally offer accommodation and adaptability.

Since they are portable and lightweight, you can carry them to various places with ease.

If you are planning for a camping trip or facilitating an open-air birthday festivity, Then a solar generator can really come handy and cost effective as well.

The generator can control your lights, radios, and little speakers.

You can likewise use it to charge your cameras and other electrical devices.

In case you’re going for an adventurous trip, solar generator turns into a helpful partner.

With a generator close by, you don’t have to stress over your cell phone losing juice, particularly during emergencies.


Since a portable solar generator doesn’t use any sort of fuel, it is an eco-accommodating alternative for individuals who wish to lessen their carbon impressions.

Generators that emit petroleum derivatives add to air pollution.

They transmit carbon dioxide, which is contributing to climate change and global warming.

Despite the fact that they might not have a similar ability to store energy as their fuel-controlled partners, they compensate for it by making spotless and environmentally friendly power energy.

Low Maintenance

Another advantage of a convenient solar generators is that they are hassle free and requires low maintenance.

To start with, they don’t accompany any moving parts.

This diminishes the odds of something breaking while you’re cleaning it.

You’ll likewise have a simpler time cleaning the generator since you don’t need to dismantle and reassemble it for support.

Besides, no fluid goes through the generator’s boards and this implies there is no space for rust and erosion to create and bring about any harms.

Ensure to choose a generator that has a good set of batteries.

Solar generators with lithium batteries offer longer life span.

Quiet Operation

Normal generators are usually the ones that make loud sound that is not pleasant at all.

But it’s not the case when we talk about portable solar generators.

Since it has no moving parts, you can anticipate that it should work discreetly without extra annoying sounds.

On the off chance that need to work at home and you require a calm environment, the portable solar generator will work effectively without creating any unsettling noises.

Besides, you can take it with you during your fishing or any other camping trip.

FAQs Related to Solar Generators

Can a Solar Generator Power a Refrigerator?

Well this depends upon the generator’s watts and surge watt rating. Though a solar generator can easily power other portable electronic devices with ease, but you can run a refrigerator on solar generator for a few hours.

Can a Solar Generator Power a House?

Solar generators use sunlight to get power and then juice up other electronical devices. So, you cannot consider a solar generator the right choice for lighting up your whole house, but it is quite efficient for other electronic devices like laptops, smart phones, RV, outdoor camping trips etc.

What is the Best Portable Solar Generator?

We have discussed about the best solar generator in this article. You will find PAXCESS Portable Power Station to Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator 500W 288WH and much more.

Wrapping it up…

Solar power is the future and very soon it will become as prominent as other power generating options.

Thus, if you are planning to buy a solar generator this definitive guide will help you in picking the right option.

So, this was our list of best solar powered generators you can buy on Amazon.

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